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#16 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

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New 3mm lid as per 20/2/17
Badge, and one piece sidestrip bent with sharp corners
9'arm with cylindrical rotating counterweight
Drive belt speed guider with 2 horizontal plates (older types)
Connections, no print, just two resistors

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  • #13 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #13 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #13 falls also in the transition phase between Gammon / Michell, it has a Michell tag from 73, normally the letters represent the month (A=jan, L=dec) but this one starts with M.Platter seems to be a different material, coating of the platterweights is different, more silvery than gold.Lid is badged 71 HiFi show, not sure whether lid has been replaced, or if HiFi badges have been used long afterwards.Belt guide is later type with 2 pins. No fuse box.

  • #06 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #06 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #6 has a square fuse box with fixed fuse position and a plug in connector for voltage selection. Note also the earlier belt guide as used with the Dry Pitch # 2,9 and HR #16 and 18. And a one piece round bent side strip. Platter has oblique edge.

  • #11 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #11 Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference

    #11 falls probably just in the transition between Gammon / Michell as it has a Michell print, but Transcriptor badge. The Italian sticker on bottom indicates it was produced before aug 74. Has a different belt guide (eye) which might be taken (much later) from a Michell Focus to replace original.

  • #18 Transcriptor Dry Pitch-Hydraulic Reference

    #18 Transcriptor Dry Pitch-Hydraulic Reference

    #18 seems to be related to the early dry pitch. Came unbadged with a capstan that runs through the strobewheel with felt pad and nut on top, the particular strobewheel missing. Had a donut as well, so we used it as a HR. The other strobelight is consistent with the ones used on the other dry pitch # 2 and 9.Has also the belt guide with the two plates.

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