• Michell #08

#08 Michell

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With new 3 mm lid as per february 17
Badge and three piece sidestrip
Standard Michell print

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  • #10 Michell 'the Bronze'

    #10 Michell 'the Bronze'

    #10, the Bronze, is one of our colored projects. Note the bronze platter and mirrored upper motordeck and arm mounting plate. It was almost over the top, literally, as we had to put the arm in the highest possible position in order to work with the acryl damping platter on top.

  • #12 Michell

    #12 Michell

    #12 also an early Michell, as shown by the three feet instead of the later brackets. This one has been extradited to Belgium, with the first set of LED posts in the holes for sweeparm and needlebrush, beginning of June 17.

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