From Transcriptor through Michell to Transrotor

After initial success and recognition production on a larger scale of the Hydraulic Reference was outsourced to the company of John Michell, who manufacture them according to conditions and terms stated in a manifest called the "Technical Agreement".

Later on, a German called, Jochen Räke, who used to work with Michell started his own turntable line called Transrotor, in which influences of the Transcriptor could still be recognized.

Unfortunately the coorperation between Transcriptors and Michell was terminated due to disagreement upon the terms and execution of them. After David Gammons death the company was continued by his son, Michael, who occupies himself with restauration and repairs of existing Transcriptors in the factory at Nottingham, and the development of a new type Hydraulic, which is expected to see the light in 2014. Michell Engineering has developed and build for a while turntables that were derived from the original Hydraulic concept, with as difference that the heavy weights mounted on the platter for stabilized rotation were mounted underneath the platter (inverted) which resulted in a better contact between the record and the platter and a better distribution of weight on the bearing and center spindle. (see pic of Michell Gyro) Later they switched to massive platters of different materials. The German Jochen Rake who worked a while at Michell in design, development and production eventually went his own way and founded the TransRotor company that specialises in building hi-end turntables.

In this turntable Dynasty one can see the prices and related exclusivity soar with factor X. Whereas David Gammon in 1975 produced the Round turntable where he tried make Hi-Fi attainable to the workers class with a price tag of 25 pounds, nowadays one of the more expensive TransRotors will set you back a modest sum of 25.000 pounds (depending on choice of tone-arm and cart)
Now I do have to mention that according to the legend some designs were sketched quickly on the back of a pack of cigarettes, which is probably not the case with the products of Mister Rake. The creations of David Gammon excelled in simplicity of approach and concept where sober and tight became art. According to the pictures you can form your own idea about the development from the 1963 Hydraulic Reference up till now.